Woonsocket Obituaries

  • Richard P. LaFlamme 4/19/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Richard P. LaFlamme, a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle went home to...

    Posted on Apr 20th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Jeannette E. Cournoyer 4/17/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Jeannette E. Cournoyer 95, died Friday, April 17, 2015 at The Holiday in Lincoln....

    Posted on Apr 18th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Claire L. Hebert 4/2/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Claire L. Hebert, 93, of Woonsocket passed away peacefully with her loving family at...

    Posted on Apr 15th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Therese E. Marquis 4/13/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Therese E. “Terry” Marquis, 84, of Woonsocket died Monday at The Friendly Home. She...

    Posted on Apr 14th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Joseph R. Houle 4/1/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Joseph R. Houle, 79, of Woonsocket died Wednesday morning at Mt. St. Rita Health...

    Posted on Apr 10th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Laurette E. Vary 4/8/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Laurette E. Vary, 88, of Woonsocket died Wednesday morning at Landmark Medical Center. She...

    Posted on Apr 9th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Albert A. Latour 4/5/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Albert A. Latour, PhD, of Manchester, New Hampshire died Easter Sunday April 5, 2015...

    Posted on Apr 9th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Doris May (Belleau) Ouellette 2/3/2015 Salem, MA / Amesbury, MA / Woonsocket, RI / Newburyport, MA / Salisbury, MA

    Posted on Apr 4th,2015 | Woonsocket

    Laval E. Legare 4/1/2015 Woonsocket, RI

    Laval E. Legare, 87, of Pond St, Woonsocket, died Wednesday, April 1, in Oakland...

    Posted on Apr 3rd,2015 | Woonsocket